New Ways of Online Love Fraud:The fraud amount can be as low as tens of yuan,Some victims do not report to the police if they find it troublesome

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I thought it was“Heavenly bestowed good fate”,Little did they know it was“I lied to you without discussing it”。

11month14day,Pengpai News reporter learned from the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau,The police vandalized a friend fraud gang,Capture20Suspect。

According to the Shanghai Pudong police,2023year9month,Huinan Public Security Bureau received a report from Mr. Liang, a citizen,Recently, she met a woman named Xiaoling on a social media platform。Xiao Ling's sweet girl persona has deeply immersed Mr. Liang in it。

Small fraud link Pudong Police Provide pictures

Xiaoling will send various payment links to mini programs,Let Mr. Liang pay for it。And once he requests a video call,Xiaoling used various reasons to evade,Not to mention offline meetings。

He tested Xiao Ling,Xiaoling seems to have also realized the problem,Not long after, he was blacklisted。Front, back, back,Mr. Liang suffered a total loss of nearly a thousand yuan。

Chat history Pudong Police Provide pictures

There are still many victims like Mr. Liang。After learning of the relevant situation, the Huinan Public Security Department of Pudong Branch Bureau,Immediately, a special task force was established in conjunction with the Anti Fraud Center of the sub bureau and other units,Conduct in-depth analysis and judgment on existing case clues,A clear organizational structure、The network fraud criminal gangs with clear division of labor have gradually surfaced。

After the timing is ripe,The members of the task force are divided into seven routes,Go to Ganzhou separately、Luoyang、Nanyang、Yingkou、Shenyang、Foshan and other places are carrying out centralized net collection operations,Capture Zhong and others in one fell swoop20Suspect。

After interrogation, it was found that,The members of the gang used internet social platforms to fabricate female identities,Identifying male users on the platform through casting a wide net,with“Falling in Love”“Making friends”After gaining the victim's trust in the name of waiting,Send counterfeit taxis that have already been replaced with personal payment accounts、shopping、Delivery and other mini program payment links,Inducing the other party to constantly pay for their consumption,To achieve the purpose of fraud。

Some victims were cheated out of only a few hundred or even dozens of yuan,I think calling the police is too troublesome,And choose to admit to being unlucky。Criminals have the mentality of catching the victim and finding it troublesome,Playing with so-called“Small profits but quick turnover”。According to preliminary statistics,since2023year2Since the beginning of the month,The gang has cumulatively defrauded victims from various regions30Yu Wanyuan。

at present,Zhong et al20Suspect have been taken criminal coercive measures according to law for suspected fraud,The case is still under further investigation。

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