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  • Payment method

  • 1、Alipay/WeChat payment:Select Alipay/WeChat payment,The system will automatically generate a payment QR code,You only need to open your Alipay/WeChat,Scan the code to make payment;

  • 2、Online online banking:Support includes Industrial and Commercial Bank of China、agricultural bank、Bank of China、China Construction Bank、Bank of Communications、Postal Savings Bank, etc200Multiple banks and financial institutions,Support for credit cards、Savings card、Zhongyintong Card,Can fully meet customers' payment needs;

  • 3、Offline payment:After selecting offline payment,Customers can transfer funds、Offline payment methods such as remittance,Pay the payment to our company's corporate account,The account number can be viewed on the order payment page,The offline transfer amount must be consistent with the order settlement amount;

  • 4、Corporate account

  •         Company Name:Zhejiang Jinhong Technology Co., Ltd;

  •        tax       Number:;

  •        bank account:;

  •        Opening Bank:;

  •        Contact number:158 0793 7789。

  • 5、Jiang Zong Account

  •        household       main:;

  •        bank account:xxxx xxxx xxxxx。

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