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Jinjie( is a globally popular online retail platform,Currently has a large number of registered users,There are a large number of regular visitors every day,At the same time, the number of online products per day has exceeded2100 million pieces,Average sold per minute8Item。cut-off2021At the end of each year,The peak daily trading volume of Jinjie Network has reachedXRMB100mn,createXWan Direct And full employment opportunities。With the expansion of the scale of Jinjie Network and the increase in the number of users,Golden Street Network has also evolved from a singleC2CThe online marketplace has become a platform that includesC2C、Group buying、distribution、A comprehensive retail district that includes various e-commerce models such as auctions。Currently, it has become one of the world's e-commerce trading platforms。

Jinjie Network is committed to promoting“bang for your buck、Good quality and affordable price、On demand customization”Popularization of online goods,Help more consumers enjoy massive and rich online goods,Obtaining a higher quality of life;By providing basic services such as online sales platforms,Help more enterprises explore the market、Building a brand,Realize industrial upgrading;Help more people with dreams through the internet Realize entrepreneurship and employment。Golden Street Network under the New Commercial Civilization,Walking in the process of creation1000On the Road to the Next Goal of Ten Thousand Jobs。 is not only a popular online retail platform in China,It is also a consumer exchange community in China and a hub for global creative goods。Jinjie Network has greatly changed traditional production methods,It has also changed people's way of life and consumption。Don't be a big loser、Advocate for fashion and individuality、Open and communicative mindset and rational thinking,Becoming a rising online powerhouse on Golden Street“Jin Yidai”Important features of。Diversified consumer experience on,Let the Jin generation enjoy it:Group design、Play Customization、Keep up with the trend、Love tradition。1Golden Street Network,from“Babbling language”The childishness and ignorance of time“Youth Youth”The trend of vitality,Influencing and changing consumers on Taobao with a special temperament、Popular attitudes and fashion trends of merchants。From cheap、Convenient to personalized,The temperament of fashion influences its behavior,The platform of the trend reveals the trend of the trend——The golden trend era led by Golden Street Network has arrived。

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