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Marketing Operations Post

Position Information

Job Description:

1. Marketing operations work

1)enterpriseBEnd marketing:Assist in enterprise side marketing activities,Integrate key customer platform resources,Design and expand new merchants to participate in beautyBEnd marketing activities。

2)Offline expansion and investment promotion marketing:Assist the offline expansion team in planning and promoting beauty categories、Investment promotion activities(Business district、Study Tour、salon、PR);

3)On site marketing:Control the overall marketing rhythm of the platform,Responsible for planning beauty category activities,Advertising placement,Station resources,Global control and effective integration of all aspects of global marketing, such as cross category cooperation;Responsible for coordinating marketing work between JD Home and channel business,Responsible for planning and implementing offline marketing activities,Responsible for integrating home resources and reporting merchant activities;Understand new gameplay,Explore effective new channels and user addition strategies and continuously transform them,Reach the target user;

2.Private domain marketing project

1)Responsible for the private community project on the platform, responsible for the marketing gameplay of private communities,Resource integration,Department collaboration。(Internal purchasing group projects and external group projects)

2)Internal purchasing group marketing docking,Communication on daily product promotion and selection in the community。

3)Responsible for promoting bidding and cooperation among service providers and social groups、Signing a contract。:

4)Continuous promotion of community co construction projects,Complete contract signing,Fund application,Responsible for designing drainage gameplay,Marketing rhythm planning。 

5)Assist the marketing department of in coordinating withJDPDevelop private domain operations and marketing plans


1、Bachelor's degree or above,2More than years of marketing and operation experience

2、Engaged in project operations in beauty or related industries、Marketing and promotion work

3、Participate in project planning、generalization、Investment attraction、Operations and other process work

4、Strong planning、judge、comprehensive analysis、coordinate、strain、Planning and organizing skills and negotiation skills

Channel expansion(Investment attraction)

Position Information

Job Description:

1、Based on the company's business objectives,Implement business strategies for responsible categories;

2、Responsible for building and optimizing the supply chain for the category under management,Conduct relevant business negotiations and contract signing work;

3、Responsible for marketing planning for the category under management、Develop corresponding marketing campaigns,And conduct resource negotiations;

4、Monitor the business work of each subsidiary,Including but not limited to brand/Introduction of goods、sales/Gross profit achievement、Inventory management and event implementation work;


1.Rich experience in the physical industry,Having a brand background,Internet platform/Brand side e-commerce operation/Sales management experience,Social e-commerce,Experience in offline large-scale supermarkets is preferred;

2.Have certain operational experience and industry awareness,Possess business negotiation skills;Outstanding business skills,Able to form effective communication and guidance with merchants;

3. Having commercial sensitivity and industry awareness,Understand the consumption trends in your industry,Parallel landing strategy;

4. Excellent data analysis skills、communication skills,Excellent merchant service awareness;

5. Optimistic and pragmatic,Full of passion,Rich in positive energy。

Merchant Operations

Position Information

Job Description:

1.Maintain good communication with merchants,Helping merchants improve operational capabilities,Optimize store operations;

2.According to the promotion plan of platform,Control the promotion activities and product selection of merchants,And provide feasible improvement plans;

3.Conduct research on competitors,Propose countermeasures,Develop pricing strategy,Increase sales through product operation methods;

4.Guide merchants to improve the presentation and display of category pages,Optimize management of individual product pages,Improve page conversion rate;

5.Coordinate finance,logistics,After sales and other departments,Solve problems encountered by merchants in business operations。


1.Strong market analysis and forecasting skills,Correctly guiding the business direction of merchants;

2.Operation of goods、Have a good understanding of marketing and sales activity planning,Carry out high-quality promotional activities with a purpose;

3.By collecting data、retrieval、machining、Extracting and deriving valuable information through transformations and other methods、Meaningful data,Guide the development of business;

4.Adopting appropriate communication methods to overcome potential communication barriers,A glib tongue,Accurately and clearly express information,And able to fully understand the other party's feedback on information,Make communication results meet communication objectives;

5.Strong pressure resistance,Overtime is required ,Bachelor's degree or above,havePOPPriority given to operational experience

Procurement and Sales Manager

Position Information

Job Description:

1.Based on the company's business objectives,Implement the business strategy of responsible brands;

2.Complete the sales of the responsible brand、Gross profit and inventory turnover targets;

3.Responsible for signing contracts for the managed brand,Policy negotiations;

4.Responsible for marketing activities of the managed brand、Develop corresponding operational plans,And conduct resource negotiations;

5.Responsible for inventory planning for the managed brand;

6.Daily refined operation guidance for the brand,Deep operation guidance for brand users;


1.Experience in e-commerce or beauty operations;

2.Likes retail,Understanding cosmetics,Strong negotiation ability,Having a strong sense of responsibility;

3.Extremely strong consumer insight、Ability to apply data analysis and market analysis;

4.Diligent and studious,Down-to-earth and pragmatic,Strong resistance to pressure,Be brave in trying,Challenging thinking;

Senior in the business grouphrbp

Position Information

1、Responsible for coordinating various aspects of business department managers and employeesHRDocking and handling of issues,The need for supporting organizational mechanism talents in the implementation of business strategy docking;

2、Responsible for related mattersBPOverall coordination of work and implementation of project work planning,Ensure project timeline and progress;

3、be responsible forHRsystem、idea、Promotion and implementation of projects within business departments,DockingHRThe implementation and achievement of the overall strategy in the business department;

4、Responsible for other tasks assigned by the team and department。


1、Rich businessHRWork experience,Good at combiningHRTransforming professional knowledge into abilities and applying them to business growth,8More than years of work experience;

2、Having a rich understanding of business operations and business management logic,General rules for business growth and development、Clear understanding of the mechanism;

3、Has good stress resistance and emotional management skills,Able to cope with the challenges of unexpected work;

4、There is a large internet、Priority given to experience in the retail industry,havecoeModule experience is preferred

5、Positive and optimistic,Strong motivation for achievement,Good collaboration ability。

Training Post-Leadership direction

Position Information

Job Description: 

1、Retail Learning and Development Center Leadership Partners,By teaching,Fully support the implementation of training projects; 

2、Based on business,As a facilitator,Implement various customized work camps;

3、Combining JD Management Scenarios,Promote the development of managers' courses,Do a good job in case extraction、Accumulation of management experience;

4、Collaborate with the team,Support the design and implementation of retail leadership projects。


1、 ***Bachelor's degree or above; 

2、 3Years or above of relevant experience in the training industry; 

3、 Strong stress resistance and learning ability; 

4、 guide、Priority given to certified instructors in courses related to leadership。

Training Post-Learning Middle Platform Direction

Position Information

Job Description:

1、Head of Retail Learning and Development Center Middle and Back Office,Able to coordinate internal and external training resources to fully support the implementation of various training projects;

2、Manage and continuously optimize the retail training resource library,Including knowledge accumulation of teachers and course management;

3、Design and implement a training partner capability improvement project,Enhance the overall retail training professional ability;

4、Control retail education budget,Regularly output training data reports;

5、Responsible for retail training brand promotion and promotion,Support the maintenance and expansion of learning platforms。


1、 ***Bachelor's degree or above;

2、 3Years or above of relevant experience in the training industry;

3、 Strong pressure resistance;

4、 Excellent data analysis skills;

5、 Priority given to learning middle stage management experience in internet enterprises。

Community Operations(APPOperations)

Position Information

one、Job responsibilities

1、Responsible for managing WeChat membership groups,Creating topics and user interaction;

2、Responsible for the storeAPPAnnual marketing activity plan、Event landing and execution;

3、Docking online customer complaints、proposal,And provide feedback to various departments for follow-up and improvement;

5、Write sales copy for various delicacies in the store(photo、video、characters);

6、Assist in organizing product inventory、Arrival、Out of stock and other forms;

7、Monitor relevant operational data for each activity,Output from activities、Responsible for operational indicators such as conversion rate。

two、Job requirements

1、College degree or above,Marketing、Priority given to majors in news and communication;

2、Able to independently plan platform marketing activities and drive execution and implementation,Understand some design、Short video shooting is better;

3、There are fresh categories orB2CPlatform marketing planning or promotion planning1Years or above of experience is preferred。

4、Able to withstand strong work pressure and cross departmental communication skills。

Category Operations

Position Information

Job Description:
1, Responsible for operating the vertical category of Jinjie Network's new product launch channel,Including industry new product dynamics follow-up,Daily new product operation of the channel,Traffic of the responsible category on the channel,Sales and other responsibilities;
2, Platform Super New Product Project Operation,Including pre event marketing planning and post event follow-up execution,Ensure the effectiveness of project launch;
3, Familiar with internet marketing models,Plan channel new product marketing events based on real-time hotspots,Strong communication skills,Ability to collaborate on procurement and sales to promote rapid project launch;
4, Strong analytical ability,Sensitive to data,Ability to analyze, interpret, and refine activity performance by combining data,Propose optimization suggestions and adjust activity plans,Promoting the improvement of activity effectiveness;

Job requirements:
1, Having experience in operating e-commerce related industry categories;
2, Strong communication and expression skills,Strong logical thinking ability,Good analytical and problem-solving skills;
3, Familiar with industry operation mode,Having unique insights into new products,And it has a methodological foundation for new product operation;
4, Require strong self-directed learning ability,communication skills,Team collaboration ability,Project coordination ability,Pressure resistance;

3cHome appliance digital as well as Establishment of category operations related to books, pet health, or global purchasing

Mall customer service

Position Information

Job responsibilities:(Non sales and non outsourcing)

Able to handle customer inquiries in a timely manner、feedback、Suggestions, etc,Improve customer satisfaction,Enhance the comprehensive user experience of JD retail users。

Job requirements:

College degree or above,Accepting long-term internships from students in school at the company(Specially outstanding individuals can be extended to high school/Technical secondary school education),Mandarin Standard/Normal use of computer,Having a good sense of service;

working hours:

morning7From midnight to evening12spot8Hourly scheduling system(No overnight shift),Shift break,Two days off per week,Arrange the shift one week in advance(Adjustable);


Job Description:

1.Responsible for the development and maintenance of the project's backend system。

2.Responsible for following up on platform operation monitoring and data analysis work。

3.Complete project development on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed,Research on emerging technologies,Continuously optimizing system architecture,Improve basic services。 quick-witted,Strong sense of responsibility,Able to withstand work pressure。


1、Bachelor's degree or above,Computer related majors,3More than years of relevant development work experience。

2、Proficiency based onLNMPofWebDevelopment Technology, be familiar withyii, yaf, ThinkPHP, zendThe use and implementation principles of the framework。

3、be familiar withmysql、redisApplication development,masterSQLTuning and data structure design。

4、Familiar with usageJavascript、Ajax,Html,Div+CSS,VueEquitechnical。

5、Experience in large-scale project development,System tuning experience is preferred。

6、rightLNMP/LAMPDeployment of architecture、build、optimization、Experience in troubleshooting and other areas is preferred。

7、Strong entrepreneurial spirit,Diligent and studious,Have teamwork spirit。

Front end engineer

Job Description:

1.Collaborate with project managers and designers to quickly achieve first-class front-end interfaces,Optimize code and maintain good compatibility,Improving user experience。

2.Based on business and project requirements,Conduct technological innovation,Analyze and provide the optimal front-end technology implementation plan。

3.Having a keen sense of new technologies in front-end development,Promote the evolution of front-end technology。

4.Conduct research on new technologies,Continuously maintain and upgrade the front-end of the product。


1、understandWeb standard,be familiar with HTML、CSS、JavaScript Various front-end technologies。

2、be familiar with HTTP protocol。

3、Serious and responsible,Proactive and proactive,Have a good sense of teamwork。

4、understand Angularjs,Frontend engineering or Node.js There is research on other technologies。

5、haveVueDevelopment experience is preferred。

6、Strong entrepreneurial spirit,Diligent and studious,Have teamwork spirit。

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