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Taizhou Specialty

former name of a region in eastern Zhejiang,It is a prefecture level city in Zhejiang Province,Central area of the Yangtze River Delta27One of the cities ,Regional central cities and modern port cities along the coast of Zhejiang 。Having unique geographical advantages,It also has a rich and colorful history, culture, and delicious specialties。that,What are the specialties of Zhongshan?Jinjie Zhongshan Specialty Store has compiled and organized the top ten specialties in Zhongshan,Including Xianju Yangmei,Wheat cake,a brand of tea,Sanmen Green Crab,Xianju Sanhuang Chicken,Wenling embedded cake,Huangyan brown sugar,Wu Fan Ma Ci,Linhai Wheat Shrimp,Egg white sheep tail,Yangyan Gouqing Tea,Famous specialties in Zhongshan, such as Wenling pickled shrimp,These local specialties in Zhongshan are very worth bringing home。

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  • 生产日期: 2023年04月08日 至 2023年04月08日
  • 生产许可证编号: SC11433102300371
  • 产品标准号: GB/T14456.1
  • 厂名: 天台县葛仙茶业有限公司
  • 厂址: 浙江省台州市天台县赤城街道三角坦(柑桔场内)
  • 厂家联系方式: 13968540824
  • 配料表: 鲜茶叶
  • 储藏方法: 放阴凉、干燥处存放
  • 保质期: 540
  • 食品添加剂: 详见包装
  • 品牌: 葛仙盛
  • 系列: 和合罐装
  • 产地: 中国大陆
  • 省份: 浙江省
  • 城市: 台州市
  • 食品工艺: 炒青绿茶
  • 包装种类: 罐装
  • 采摘时间: 明后
  • 包装方式: 包装
  • 茶种类: 华顶云雾
  • 生长季节: 春季

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