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Notice to Newcomers

Q:What does the Golden Street Network platform do? is a foreign trade platform+Same city shopping platform,This means that:
1、The transaction occurred on the platform,Fund security is guaranteed by the platform;
2、Sellers sell skill services that can be delivered remotely on the platform;
3、There are two ways to purchase services:(1)Piece rate service——Purchase based on achievements;(2)Timing services——Purchase by time。Buyers can flexibly choose according to their actual needs。
Q:Is my money paid directly to the seller?
After the buyer makes a reservation for the service,The service payment is hosted by the platform。After service delivery is completed,Confirmed and accepted by the buyer,The service payment will only be transferred to the seller's fund account on the platform。therefore,To ensure the safety of your funds,All payments should be made on the platform。Pay external sellers on the platform,The platform will not be able to provide any protection。If you are asked by the seller to make payment outside the platform,Please provide immediate feedback to the platform,stay【me-contact us】Central contact【Buyer consultant】。
Q:What if I find that the purchased service is not suitable?
You can communicate with the seller in a timely manner,Reaching consensus on service content。If the seller ultimately cannot meet your needs,You can choose to negotiate with the seller to initiate a refund request,At the same time, the platform will provide refund protection。
Q:Can the platform issue invoices?
Yes。Regardless of personal payment/Enterprise balance payment,Invoices can be issued for purchasing services on the platform(Personal payment on behalf of the company and enterprise reimbursement,You can also apply for the issuance of value-added tax special invoices)。Invoice type、Head type can be selected as needed,Buyers can apply for invoicing at any time after the transaction is completed,The platform will receive the application after receiving it5-7Handle invoicing matters within working days。Invoice issuance application path:Log in to。
Q:How to understand the progress of services?
Open Golden Street NetworkAPPOr visit the official website of Jinjie Street,stay“order form”Find the purchased service order in the list。After clicking to enter,You can view the service progress submitted by the seller。If you negotiate with the seller to use other collaborative tools to record service progress,Please review and follow up based on the actual collaboration situation。

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