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“When you discover a cockroach,The sewer is likely already full”

Shangguan Justice Discloses Judgment Results

Selling birth certificates for profit will whitewash the identity of abducted children,Legally settling abducted and trafficked children,Enable families of abducted and trafficked childrenForever losing hope。Recently, Shangqiu Maternal and Child Health Hospital was stolen4885This case has received widespread attention from various sectors of society。

Behavior involving child trafficking and abuse of identity information,Not just general property crimes,More involving children's rights and social security。

1900Behind multiple birth certificates is1900Multiple Families。

The Shangqiu Maternal and Child Health Hospital involved

Protecting children's rights is a shared responsibility of society。In judicial rulings,Full consideration should be given to the long-term impact of such criminal acts on children and their families,And potential harm to society。

Legally speaking,For this type ofInfringement of children's rights and interestsCrime,Punishments are usually more severe。In judicial judgments,We should maintain the fairness of punishment for different criminal acts。If relatively minor economic crimes receive heavier penalties,And criminal acts involving more serious social problems have not received the appropriate punishment,It can easily trigger social dissatisfaction。

The core of the rule of law is a fair and just judicial system。Ensure that the law applies to everyone,And not affected by their social status、The influence of wealth or power is crucial。Establish transparency、fair、A judicial system that is not affected by bribery is crucial。

Regarding the unfairness of the judgment,Society usually calls forStrengthening the fairness and transparency of the judicial system,Ensure that the determination of punishment is based on the essence of the crime、The needs of society,And not affected by other factors。This also emphasizes the reform and improvement of the judicial system,To ensure fair and reasonable judgments。

Punishment should be based on the nature of the crime、Determine the severity and magnitude of the impact。It is necessary to ensure that the punishment matches the essence of the crime,To avoid unfair situations。

Establish effectiveSupervision mechanism,Including government self supervision、Media supervision and citizen supervision,Can effectively reduce illegal and criminal activities。Public opinion supervision can encourage judicial organs to handle cases more cautiously and fairly。

Birth certificate

Reducing illegal and criminal activities requires the joint efforts of the whole society,Including the government、Judicial institutions、Media and individual citizens。By strengthening the construction of the rule of law、Improve supervision mechanism、Promoting education and value cultivation through various means,Can gradually reduce the occurrence of illegal and criminal activities,To achieve a more fair and just society。

For situations of inequality in law and punishment,This unfair judgment will attract social attention and dissatisfaction。This difference in the treatment of criminal behavior,Especially in cases of economic crimes and non violent nature,Triggered questioning of judicial fairness and social justice。For crimes involving child trafficking and misuse of identity information,Society generally expects stricter punishments to be imposed,To ensure the stability of public interest and social order。

It should be clarified that,Selling birth certificates and digging bird eggs belong to two typesCompletely different criminal acts,The severity of its punishmentWithout comparative significance,Cannot be confused,But should we establish and improve relevant laws specifically for illegal activities such as reselling birth certificates,It requires in-depth exploration by relevant departments。

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