Hong Kong's bustling lights and wine will never be seen again

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In my impression,A certain port has always been a world of lights and wine,There is a lot of red dust, smoke, and fire there,Having a lively feeling of ordinary citizen life,Especially at the top of the willow branches on the moon,Everywhere the lights are shining brightly,Illuminated the entire street market,It also illuminates the entire human world。

however,Nowadays, the lights are red and the wine is green,This kind of fire tree and silver flower will disappear forever,I won't see you again。

This is a recent discovery made by a netizen in a certain port。

Netizens who frequently visit a certain port should not be unfamiliar with this restaurant。

However, in the past two days,Its sign has been removed。

And then silently spread it on the ground like this。

Then load it onto the car again。

So an artist and netizen synthesized such a photo。

After dismantling,This comparison is more obvious。

This is the bustling night weather of a certain port in the past。

So netizens coincidentally hummed this lyrics

Some netizens also exclaim,The taste of a certain port slowly disappeared like this。

Some netizens are earnestly saying this truth。

thereupon,The familiar port gradually drifted away like this。

The disappearance of beautiful memories from the past,The childhood of netizens is also gone。

Write here,Can't help but sigh for a certain port,The familiar scenery is ultimately lost in one piece,That lively one、Full of vitality,A certain port that is dazzling and hard to see,After all, it has gone far away。

About a certain port in the future,Is it another unfamiliar appearance……

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