A mysterious fruit grows at the doorstep of a villager's house in Hangzhou!A foul smell that fills the nose,But there is a great deal to come from

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“The tree at my doorstep bears fruit every year,

It looks very beautiful,

But I don't know what variety it is。”

These two days,

Ms. Luo, who lives in Liangzhu Street, Hangzhou,

Shared a type of“mysterious”Red fruits have sparked heated discussions among netizens

According to Ms. Luo's introduction,

The size of the fruit、The appearance is similar to an orange,

It also feels very similar to the touch,

“I have opened it before to see it,

Inside are black seeds,

Some of them are red, red, yellow, and yellow。”


The tree in Ms. Luo's yard

It's a jujube tree,It is as high as two or three floors,

By climbing vines up the tree,

The fruit has only occupied the top of the jujube tree。

You can vaguely see through the picture,

Round fruits hanging between branches,

Green and red connected,Different shades,

What kind of mysterious fruit is it?

Scientific name: Trichosanthes kirilowii,Commonly known as cantaloupe

Market price35element/Catty,It can also be used as a traditional Chinese medicine

According to the photos provided by Ms. Luo

Wang Yukun, Clerk of Yuhang District Agricultural Technology Extension Center

After comparing the fruits and branches and leaves,

He speculated that

This isTrichosanthes kirilowii(guā lóu)Fruit,

Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family and the Trichosanthes genus,

It is a perennial climbing herbaceous vine plant,

The fruiting period is9—11month。

Gualou, also known as Gualou,Commonly known as wild cantaloupe,

And hanging melon seeds“The King of Melon Seeds”The nickname of,

Many elderly people in the village like to wash and stir fry until cooked,

Eat as a snack。

Selling price on e-commerce17.9element/250g,

Equivalent to per kilogram35About yuan,

Have any friends ever eaten hanging melon seeds?

Because of its unique appearance,Brilliant colors,

Many people who love to eat hanging melon seeds find it hard to imagine,

When it opens, it looks like mud inside

Black mucus,

There will be a foul smell coming from the nose。

Image source@Big headed Little Wife


Some netizens expressed surprise after learning about it,

“My favorite food is hanging melon seeds,

I didn't expect it to be made like this。”

“Seeing this video, I suddenly feel that it doesn't smell good anymore

Although it makes people“Love and hate at the same time”,

But the hanging gourd is full of treasures,

fruit、Seeds and Peels

Capable of clearing heat and resolving phlegm、Moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough、Smooth intestinal effect。

Introduction of Wang Yukun from the District Agricultural Technology Extension Center,

“Trichosanthes kirilowii is generally used as a Chinese medicinal herb,

Pharmacy also sells Trichosanthes kirilowii peel、Trichosanthes kirilowii decoction pieces

source:Watching Yuhang every day

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