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After sales policy

one、Professional quality and efficient service

1)Service without price difference,Worry free and worry free

The prices of services provided by the platform are open and transparent,Guaranteed service without price difference,There is no situation where the same service is priced differently;

If there is a price difference, it shall be in accordance with the contract provisions,Make corresponding compensation,Enable consumers to avoid wasting money,Time and worry saving!

2)On time and with good quality,Overtime compensation

A professional team ensures the provision of efficient and professional services,Customer acceptance satisfaction before delivery;During the service processing period,Regularly and timely inform customers

Report processing progress;Failure to deliver satisfactorily within the agreed timeframe,Pay overtime compensation according to the corresponding proportion,Protecting customer interests!

two、Safety and commitment

1)Sign transaction agreement,Professional Management of Information

Signing a transaction agreement upon placing an order for payment,Fair and just protection of the legitimate rights and interests of users and platforms;

The customer's information is managed by a dedicated professional archive room,Ensure the security of user data information;

We will strictly fulfill our service obligations in accordance with the contract signed with the client,Never change the service content and price midway without authorization。

three、Methods for handling complaints

1)If you are not satisfied with the service,You can first consult with the relevant person in charge to handle it

2)If extremely dissatisfied with the service,Can call supervision and complaint hotline

Supervision and complaint hotline:15807937789

*If you have any dissatisfaction or opinions or suggestions regarding our services

Please contact us,We will give you a satisfactory processing result。

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