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User Agreement

Golden Street Network Platform User Agreement

Welcome(“user”)Using the Golden Street Network platform!

【Prudent reading】

During your registration process,Please carefully review the terms of this agreement,And ensure that you have fully understood the terms of this agreement,Especially the limitation or exemption clauses、Privacy Protection Policy、Legal Application and Dispute Resolution Clause(Including jurisdictional clauses),And other bold, black, and/Important terms that may be prominently highlighted or highlighted to remind you to pay attention to。

【Signing action】

You understand that we have signed this agreement with you online through the internet。When you fill in the registration information according to the registration page and actively click on it“Login”button,It is deemed that you have fully read、Understand and agree to accept“Login”All terms of this agreement and privacy policy attached below the button,Register as a user of。If you have any questions about this agreement、complain、Opinions and suggestions,Welcome to communicate and provide feedback to us through customer service。

【Scope of Agreement】

Considering the frequent iteration and updates of this platform and services,In order to comprehensively define the rights and obligations between you and us,This agreement includes our compliance with laws and regulations、Other policies formulated in this agreement、rule、Announcement statement and hyperlink agreements included in this agreement(Unless specifically referred to,Collectively referred to as“This Agreement”),You should also abide by it。


1.1 This agreement is made by Zhejiang Jinhong Technology Co., Ltd(for short“Jinjie”or“We”)Use the Golden Street Network platform with you(for short“This platform”)Agree on the rights and obligations of both parties。“user”Refers to registration、Individuals who log in or use the Golden Street Network platform(Or abbreviated as“you”)。 account refers to an account that users apply for registration with to use the platform。

1.2 You can also use your account to log in to various products of and its affiliated companies,Like mini programs、APPAnd the procurement platform of, etc。If you log in to the above product,The above product does not have a user service agreement set up、Privacy Policy,You also need to comply with the provisions of this agreement。

1.3 Due to the rapid development of the internet industry,We may upgrade and optimize related products or services,This agreement may not be able to make provisions for future products or services。You understand and agree that we will provide services based on business needs,Update certain provisions of this agreement in accordance with legal provisions,The updated terms of the agreement will replace the original agreement and officially take effect after the legal deadline expires,You can check the latest version of the agreement terms on the relevant service page。After modification of this agreement,If you continue to use this platform's,It is deemed that you have accepted the modified agreement。If you do not accept the modified agreement,You have the right to stop using this platform and its various products。

two、Instructions for using the platform

2.1 Unless we indicate on this platform as“Self operated”(Or similar expressions),This platform is only a product provided by merchants or enterprises、Product Information、A display platform for user demand publishing and enterprise undertaking publishing services。Do you understand that Jinjie Network only serves as an internet information service provider,Not a seller who trades goods with you。

2.2 For the products and information displayed on the Golden Street platform,Unless otherwise specified by law, does not guarantee the authenticity of product information related to Taobao merchants、accuracy、Legitimacy、Ability for timeliness and effectiveness,And your ability to fulfill all obligations under the purchase and sale agreement with the merchant。

2.3 You purchase goods from this platform or receive demand solutions that are related to the merchant/Transactions between enterprises。Jinjie Net is not obligated to fulfill this transaction,Not responsible for transportation、Storage or submission,The product itself is never held by or within the control of。

2.4 When users purchase products and/Or during service,Please make sure to carefully confirm the purchased product and/Or the product name of the service、price、quantity、model、specifications、Size or service time、content、Important matters such as restrictive requirements,And verify the user's contact address when placing the order、telephone、Recipient and other information。If the recipient filled in by the user is not the user themselves,The legal consequences arising from the actions and expressions of intent of the consignee shall be borne by the user。

2.5 User purchasing behavior should be based on real consumer needs,There must be no restrictions on the product or/Or service implementation malicious purchase、Malicious rights protection and other behaviors that disrupt the normal trading order of the Golden Street Network platform,If you seriously violate social ethics、Providing false registration identity information、After our judgment, we believe that there are malicious purchases, unreasonable high return rates, and other situations that do not conform to normal consumption habits、When judged by this platform to be potentially harmful to's improper behavior,Based on the need to maintain transaction order and security on the platform,When Jinjie Network discovers the above situation, it has the right to proactively execute and close relevant transaction orders、Order not accepted、Freeze the user account's purchase function and other operations。

2.6 does not recognize users' offline trading behavior。Any transaction communication that is not conducted through the channels of this platform、Payment and other behaviors,Jinjie Net has the right to refuse recognition。

2.7 Any disputes arising from your transaction with the merchant,You are responsible for resolving the issue with the merchant in accordance with laws and regulations or corresponding platform management regulations,Jinjie Net has no obligation to participate in or resolve disputes between Jinjie Net users and merchants。If you need assistance from Jinjie Network regarding the above dispute,Jinjie Network has the right to decide on its own according to the situation。

2.8 In order to better provide you with products and information that is beneficial to you,We will send you the products you are interested in through the phone number or email address you provided during registration/Service advertising information、Commercial information such as promotional discounts;If you are unwilling to receive such information,Feedback can be provided through the platform。

2.9 In order to better serve you, may hold various activities from time to time,If you choose to participate in the event,We should carefully review the rules separately formulated for various activities。You agree not to cheat、Using system vulnerabilities and other means to disrupt the order of the Golden Street Network platform。

three、Registration, Survival, and Cancellation of Accounts

3.1 Do you understand that before you start registering and using the platform services,You should have the civil capacity stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of China that is suitable for your behavior。If you do not have the aforementioned civil capacity that is suitable for your behavior,You and your guardian shall bear all legal consequences that may arise from the use of this platform in accordance with the law。Once the user successfully registers,We will assume that you have the corresponding capacity for civil conduct(But unless there is evidence to the contrary that can be overturned)。in addition,Users also need to ensure that they are not from any country、Trade restrictions imposed by regional or international organizations、Objects subject to economic sanctions or other legal restrictions,Nor directly or indirectly provided funding for the aforementioned objects、Goods or services,Otherwise, users should stop using the platform services,At the same time, the user understands that violating the aforementioned requirements may cause the user to be unable to register and use the platform services normally。

3.2 Users need to register a account before using this platform。When users fill in information according to the prompts on the registration page、After reading and agreeing to this agreement and completing all registration procedures,Users can obtain a platform account and become platform users。according to《Cybersecurity Law》Related regulations,We only support you to register using your personal phone number,And only allow each user to register and use one Golden Street Network platform account,Mobile phone numbers banned by are not allowed to be used for registering accounts。You agree that will use your mobile phone number and device identification code as user identification information。If there is evidence to prove or if determines that the user has improperly registered or used multiple platform accounts based on platform rules, etc,The platform can freeze or close accounts、Cancel order、Refusal to provide services and other measures,If it causes losses to the platform and related parties,Users should also bear compensation liability。

3.3 After successful user registration,Jinjie Network will configure accounts for users,The ownership of this account belongs to,You only have the right to use during the validity period of this agreement。Due to the association of your personal information and business information on the Golden Street platform with your account,We agree that this account is only for your personal use。Without the consent of the platform,Your direct or indirect authorization of a third party to use the Golden Street Network platform account or obtain information under the account is invalid,otherwise,Any disputes arising from such matters、tort、Breach of contract and other behaviors,You are solely responsible。

3.4 To enable you to better utilize the various services of the Golden Street Network platform,Ensure the security of your account,Jinjie Network will require you to complete real name authentication in accordance with relevant laws and regulations,You should provide authentic information for authentication,Including your name、Email address、Contact number、Contact address, etc。If it involves third-party payment、Fund settlement or other business that may require you to provide bank card information,You should ensure that the provided bank account information or third-party payment account information is true、Effective、legitimate,And it belongs to you personally,We and our affiliated companies or third-party payment institutions we cooperate with will settle funds with you based on the bank account information or third-party payment account information you provide。The bank account information or third-party payment account information you provided is incorrect or you refuse to provide it,You should understand that you will not be able to use some of the features on this platform、The payment functions provided by third-party payment institutions and your inability to obtain settlement funds。You understand and agree that if the funds cannot be settled due to your failure to provide valid information mentioned above,This portion of the funds will not incur interest due to unpaid amounts to you,Additionally, we can send you notifications so that you can provide timely information,If no response is received after a certain period of time,We have the right to recover this portion of the settlement funds and handle it ourselves。

3.5 When your personal account information or real identity information changes,You should complete the updates in a timely manner,In cases where the law explicitly requires, as a platform service provider, to verify the information of some users,Jinjie Network will regularly check and verify user information in accordance with the law,Users should cooperate to provide the latest updates、real、complete、Effective information。Ru Jinjie Network failed to contact the user based on the last information provided by the user、The user did not provide information in a timely manner as required by、The information provided by the user is clearly untrue or the administrative and judicial authorities verify that the information provided by the user is invalid,Or unable to handle disputes related to users in a timely manner,Users will bear the responsibility for their own actions as a result、All losses and adverse consequences caused by others and Golden Street Network。Jinjie Network can send users inquiries or notices requesting rectification,And require users to re authenticate,Jinjie Network will suspend depending on the situation、Terminate the provision of partial or full platform services to users, is not responsible for this。

3.6 Jinjie Network has the right to comply with laws, regulations or policies,Or according to self established norms or rules,Regarding violations、Restriction or cancellation of improper use of accounts and other behaviors,If determines that your account may be involved in information leakage/Or affecting the information security of the Golden Street Network platform/Or infringe upon or affect the rights and interests of other users,The platform may refuse to provide you with services or terminate this agreement。If you need to cancel your account,You can publish it through the Golden Street website、Program Progress,We will verify your identity、Requesting you to complete unfinished transactions、After completing fund settlement, etc,We provide you with account cancellation services。

3.7 The user's account is self set and kept by the user,Jinjie Network will never proactively request users to provide their account passwords at any time。therefore,We suggest that users must keep their accounts safe and secure,Ensure to log out and leave the Jiujin Street platform with the correct steps at the end of each internet session。Account is attacked by the user themselves or by others、Losses and consequences caused by fraud and other behaviors leading to leaks,You are responsible for it yourself。

3.8 Except for the fault of Jinjie Network,Users are responsible for all behavioral outcomes under their account,Including but not limited to signing various agreements online、Publish information、Purchasing goods and services、Disclosure of information、Becoming an anchor, etc。

3.9 If any unauthorized use of your account to log in to this platform or other cooperative platforms is found,We suggest that the responsible person should contact us immediately。Responsible for understanding that taking action on any requests from Golden Street requires reasonable time,And the actions taken by Jinjie Network upon request may not be able to avoid or prevent the formation or expansion of infringement consequences,Except for the statutory fault of, does not assume any responsibility。

4.0Account cancellation: Log in directly to the bottom of the user center Select account cancellation,Backend in7Complete account cancellation within working days,Account cannot be retrieved after cancellation,Or contact customer service 158-07937789  Cancel

four、User Information Protection and Use

4.1 platform is a platform product based on e-commerce trading platforms,Based on shopping business needs,You understand and agree to authorize us and our affiliated companies to use the personal information you provide reasonably。To better serve you,You understand and agree that we may share your personal information with third parties we cooperate with,At this point, we will seek your consent in accordance with the legal provisions,If you refuse to provide,Possible inability to use third-party services,But it will not affect your continued use of the products and services provided by this platform。The aforementioned user's personal information includes a profile picture、nickname、Real name、ID number、Contact address、Transaction order information、Payment account information、Bank card information, etc。Jinjie Network hopes to clearly introduce its collection of user personal information to users through its privacy policy、storage、apply、Disclosure and Protection,Therefore, recommends that users read the privacy policy in its entirety,To help users better protect their privacy rights。

4.2 For your provision of、Text other than personal information published and formed during the use of platform services、picture、video、Audio and other non personal information,Will not be affected by uploading、Intellectual property rights arise from actions such as publishing、Transfer of Portrait Rights and Other Rights。Within the scope permitted by law,You grant us and our affiliated companies non exclusive rights free of charge、Unlicensed use without geographical restrictions(Including storage、apply、copy、revise、edit、release、show、translate、Distribute the above information or create derivative works,In the form of known or future development、Media or technology incorporating the above information into other works, etc)And the right to sublicense third-party use,And the right to collect evidence and file lawsuits against third parties for infringement in one's own name。

4.3 For your convenience in using this platform、Mini Program、APPOther related services, etc,You authorize us to provide you with services during the account registration and use of the platform、The formed information is transmitted to the mini program、APPWaiting for other related service providers,Or from a mini program、APPWaiting for other relevant service providers to obtain your registration、Provided during the use of relevant services、Information formed。

five、Usage Specification for Platform

5.1 Created during user registration and use of this platform、upload 、copy、release、Any content disseminated,Including but not limited to account avatars、name、User instructions, registration information, and authentication materials,Or text、speech、picture、video、Live content、Images and text sent by users、Reply or automatically reply to messages and related link pages,And other content generated by using user accounts or this platform shall not violate current laws、statute、regulations、Policy regulations;If the user uses this platform overseas,Should also comply with the location or relevant country(region)Laws and regulations。

5.2 For products obtained through the Golden Street platform、service、Software and Technology(Including software and technology provided by the Golden Street Network platform),The user promises to comply with all applicable import and export controls、Laws and regulations related to trade restrictions and economic sanctions。Based on the need to maintain transaction order and security on the platform,If the user violates the aforementioned commitments,Jinjie Network can proactively close relevant transaction orders and make account disposals upon discovering the above situation。

5.3 You create、comment、release、Information disseminated(Including but not limited to unpublished private videos taken on camera or uploaded to this platform)Consciously abide by laws and regulations、socialist system、National interests、Citizen's legitimate rights and interests、Social public order、Moral standards and information authenticity, etc“Seven bottom lines”requirement,Otherwise, the company has the right to take corresponding measures immediately。You agree and promise not to produce、copy、release、Spread the following information: 

(1)Opposing the fundamental principles established by the Constitution;

(2)Harm to national security,Leaking state secrets;

(3)Subversion of state power,Overthrow the socialist system,Incite division of the country,Disrupting national unity;

(4)Damage to national honor and interests;

(5)Promoting terrorism、Extremist;

(6)Promote ethnic hatred、Ethnic discrimination,Disrupting national unity;

(7)Inciting regional discrimination、Regional hatred;

(8)Disrupting national religious policies,Promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

(9)Fabricate、Spread rumors、False information,Disrupting economic and social order、Disrupting social stability;

(10)spread、Spreading obscenity、Pornography、gambling、violence、murder、Terrorist or inciting crime;

(11)Harming network security、Using the internet to engage in activities that endanger national security、Honors and benefits;

(12)Insult or defame others,Infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(13)Violent intimidation of others、threaten,Implementing human flesh search;

(14)Involving the privacy of others、Personal information or profile;

(15)Spread foul language and obscenity,Harmful to social order and good customs;

(16)Infringement of privacy rights of others、Right of reputation、Portrait rights、Intellectual property and other legitimate rights and interests;

(17)Spread commercial advertisements,Or similar commercial solicitation information、Excessive marketing information and junk information;

(18)Comments in languages other than the commonly used language on this website;

(19)Unrelated to the information being commented on;

(20)The information published is meaningless,Or deliberately using character combinations to evade technical review;

(21)Infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of minors or damage to their physical and mental health;

(22)Without permission from others,Stealthy filming、Stealing recordings of others,Infringement of the legitimate rights of others;

(23)Including terror、Violent and bloody、High risk、Content that endangers the physical and mental health of the performer or others,Including but not limited to the following situations:

i.Any violence and/Or content of self harm behavior;

ii.Any threat to life and health、The use of dangerous equipment such as knives to perform poses a threat to oneself or others, and/Or the content of property rights;

iii.Encourage、Inducing others to participate in dangerous or illegal activities that may cause personal injury or death;

(24)Other content that violates laws and regulations、Policies and Public Order and Good Customs、Information that interferes with the normal operation of this platform or infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties。

5.4 Users on this platform or transmitted through this platform、Any content published does not reflect or represent,It shall not be regarded as reflecting or representing the views of Golden Street Network、position;Users are not allowed to transmit or publish information under the name of Jinjie Network;It is also prohibited to transmit or publish information in a way that is easily confused by the public or third parties as the official opinion of。

5.5 Users must be aware of the utilization“Jinjie”The authenticity of information transmitted through the account or this platform、Legitimacy、Harmlessness、accuracy、Fully responsible for effectiveness and other aspects。If this causes damage to or third parties,Users should be compensated in accordance with the law。

5.6 Based on the particularity of the Internet、Maintain transaction order、The need to protect consumer rights,Jinjie Net has the right to modify this agreement from time to time,Develop management standards for the use of various Golden Street platforms,Including promotion rules and penalties for breach of contract on,You agree to comply with it。

six、User behavior requirements

6.1 You are responsible for your use of the Golden Street Network platform and related services,Unless permitted by law or with prior written permission from the company,You are not allowed to engage in the following behaviors when using the Golden Street Network platform and related services:

6.2 Using any plugins that are not authorized or licensed by the company、Cheats、Interference from systems or third-party tools on the normal operation of the platform and related services、destroy、Modify or apply other influences。 

6.3 Any behavior that endangers computer network security by utilizing or targeting the Golden Street Network platform and related services,Including but not limited to:

(1)Illegal intrusion into the network、Interference with normal network functions、Activities that endanger network security, such as stealing network data;

(2)Provide specialized services for engaging in network intrusion、Interference with normal network functions and protective measures、Programs that steal network data and other activities that endanger network security、tool;

(3)Knowingly engaging in activities that endanger cybersecurity by others,Provide technical support for it、Advertising promotion、Assistance in payment and settlement;

(4)Using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts;

(5)Unauthorized access to public computer networks or other people's computer systems and deletion、modify、Add storage information;

(6)Unauthorized,Attempting to investigate、scanning、Test the weaknesses of the Golden Street Network platform system or network, or other behaviors that disrupt network security;

(7)Attempting to interfere、Disrupting the normal operation of the platform system or website,Intentionally spreading malicious programs, viruses, and other behaviors that disrupt and disrupt normal network information services;

(8)forgeryTCP/IPPacket name or partial name;

(9)Reverse engineering the software and related services of platform、Reverse assembly、Compile or attempt to discover the source code of platform software and related services in other ways;

(10)Malicious registration of account on the Golden Street Network platform,Including but not limited to frequent、Batch registration of accounts;

(11)Violation of laws and regulations、This Agreement、The relevant rules of the company and other behaviors that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others。

6.4 If the company has reason to believe that your behavior violates or may violate the above agreement,The company can independently make judgments and handle them,And has the right to terminate the services provided to you at any time without prior notice,And hold relevant responsibilities accountable in accordance with the law。

6.5 Without our written permission,Any user、Third parties are not allowed to act independently or authorize、allow、Assist others in the following behaviors regarding the information content in the software and related services of this platform: 

(1)copy、read、The information content of using this platform software and related services,Used for promotion, including but not limited to、Increase reading volume、Commercial purposes such as browsing volume;

(2)Unauthorized editing、arrange、After arranging the information content of the software and related services on this platform, display it on channels other than the source pages of the software and related services on this platform;

(3)Adopting special identification including but not limited to、Any form of identification method such as special codes,Generate traffic on the information content of the platform's software and related services by oneself or assisting third parties、Reading volume guidance、transfer、Adverse effects such as hijacking;

(4)Other illegal acquisition or use of information content related to the software and related services of this platform。

6.6 Without written permission from the company,Any user、Third parties are not allowed to do so in any way(Including but not limited to chain theft、Redundant theft、Illegal capture、Simulated download、Deep linking、Counterfeit registration, etc)Directly or indirectly stealing videos of our platform's software and related services、Information content such as graphics and text,Or in any way(Including but not limited to hiding or modifying domain names、Platform specific identifier、User name, etc)Right to delete or change relevant information content management electronic information。

6.7 After obtaining written permission from the company,user、Third party sharing of information content on the software and related services of this platform、Forwarding and other behaviors,It should also comply with the following specifications: 

(1)Grab、statistics、Related search keywords obtained、hit rate、classification、Search volume、Click through rate、Reading volume and other related data,Without prior written consent from the company,The above data shall not be disclosed in any way、provide、Leakage to any third party;

(2)No form of modification shall be made to the source web pages of the software and related services on this platform,Including but not limited to the homepage links of the software and related services on this platform、Entrance to advertising system links, etc,It is also not allowed to obstruct the display of the source pages of the software and related services on this platform in any form、insert、Pop ups and other obstacles;

(3)Security measures should be taken、Effective、Strict measures,Prevent the information content of this platform's software and related services from being accessed by third parties, including but not limited to“spider”(spider)Any form of illegal acquisition through programs or other means;

(4)Do not use the relevant data content for purposes beyond the scope of the company's written permission,Conduct any form of sales and commercial use,Or disclose to third parties、Provide or allow third parties to use in any way。

seven、Handling of Violating Users

7.1 If Jinjie Network discovers that users have violated legal regulations、This agreement stipulates that、Or other users complain about violations,Verified by to be true, has the right to modify relevant content in accordance with legal provisions(Including but not limited to transaction disputes、Malicious rights protection、Post comments、Live streaming rewards、Live comments, etc)Delete,Depending on the severity of the situation, violators will be given warnings, including but not limited to warnings、Account freeze or ban、Equipment ban、Function blocking、Penalties such as not settling funds。

7.1.1 The review of the above-mentioned violations by is only a preliminary superficial review,Not taking responsibility for the review conclusion;If the user has objections to the processing result,You should contact us or the complainant to handle the dispute or take legal measures to resolve the dispute。

7.2 User understands and agrees, has the right to impose penalties on violations of relevant laws, regulations, or provisions of this agreement based on reasonable judgment,Take appropriate legal action against any user who violates laws and regulations,And according to laws and regulations, keep relevant information and report to relevant departments, etc,Users should bear all legal responsibilities arising from this。

7.3 Processed users can submit appeals, will review the appeal,And make reasonable judgments on whether to change the punishment measures on their own。Regarding the handling caused by complaints, still has the right to add legal documents based on the opinions jointly determined by the complainant and the user, or effective legal documents issued by judicial authorities、Change or revoke handling of users。

7.4 User understands and agrees,Due to the user's violation of this agreement or other faults,Any third-party Golden Street Network or its partners that cause or result in、Related parties claim to assume any legal responsibility,If it causes damage to Jinjie Network or its partners、Any losses incurred by related parties,Including but not limited to attorney's fees、Litigation costs、Notarization fee、Travel expenses、Preservation fees, etc,Users should bear the liability for compensation。

7.5 User consent,Jinjie Network can link partners、Claims from users for losses incurred by related parties as their own losses,Or assist the cooperating party、Related direction user claims rights。

eight、Termination of this Agreement

If you violate the provisions of this agreement、Other illegal or improper behaviors occur,Jinjie Network has the right to take corresponding measures depending on the situation,It is also possible to directly terminate this agreement。When chooses to terminate this agreement,I have the right to request that you handle any outstanding transactions under your account、Unpaid orders、Processing unsettled funds,If you fail to process it within a certain period of time,Jinjie Net has the right to handle it on your behalf and recover any losses that may arise from the handling results from you;The termination of this agreement does not affect your legal liability for any transactions or losses that have already occurred,Related violations and penalties、Unsettled funds shall still be executed in accordance with the provisions of this agreement。

nine、Important and Disclaimer Clause

9.1 solemnly reminds users to pay attention to the clauses in this agreement that exempt from liability and restrict user rights,Please read carefully by the user,Independently consider risks。Minors should read this agreement in the presence of their legal guardians。

9.2 Due to the rapid development of the Internet,The terms listed in this agreement signed between the user and cannot fully list and cover all rights and obligations of the user and,Existing agreements cannot guarantee full compliance with future development needs。therefore,The privacy policy and rules of the platform are supplementary agreements to this agreement,This agreement is indivisible and has the same legal effect as this agreement。If the user uses the platform service,It is deemed that the user agrees to the above supplementary agreement。

9.3 Jinjie Net fulfills its basic guarantee obligations in accordance with legal provisions,But for the obstacles to contract performance caused by the following reasons、Performance defects、Delayed performance or changes in performance content, etc,You agree that does not assume legal responsibility: 

(1)Due to natural disasters、strike、Riots、warfare、Force majeure factors such as the epidemic;

(2)Due to power supply failure、Third party factors such as communication network failures and public service factors;

(3)Under the good faith management of Jinjie Network,Due to routine or emergency equipment and system maintenance、Equipment and system failures、Factors such as network information and data security;

(4)Due to the supervisory department、Service changes caused by the management or instructions of judicial authorities or other entities in this industry、Termination and other reasons,And this type of management is not caused by us。

ten、Legal Application and Jurisdiction

10.1 Effectiveness of this Agreement、Interpretation and Dispute Resolution,Applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China。If there is any dispute or controversy between the user and,Firstly, friendly negotiations should be conducted to resolve the issue,Negotiable failure,All parties may submit disputes or controversies to the jurisdiction of the people's court with jurisdiction over the place of residence of。

10.2 Any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable for any reason,The remaining terms remain valid,Binding on both parties。


eleven、How to contact us

If you have any questions、complain、Opinions and suggestions,Welcome to communicate with us for feedback。Our contact information can be found below:

Mini Program:open【Jinjie】Mini Program-【My】-【Online Service 】,You can contact customer service within the dialog box。

PCwebsite:open【Jinjie】home page-Upper right corner【Contact customer service】,You can contact customer service within the dialog box。

Jinjie Zhejiang Jinhong Technology Co., Ltd

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